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Aminu Suleiman’s rising stocks as grassroots mobiliser



For the founder and National Coordinator of the very popular Tinubu Support Organisation (TSO), Honourable Aminu Suleiman, he believes and acts on the saying of the great Cicero that “Nothing is more noble and venerable than loyalty.” The amiable grassroots mobiliser of repute means different things to different people. To some, Suleiman is a man with a charming character, while some others see him as a figure with an uncommon leadership quality. Far from being a rabble-rouser, the Jagaban Gwandu belongs to the notable class of great philanthropists and he has greatly impacted his immediate environment. This and many more have attracted many to him like nectar to bees. Suleiman is more than all these especially being a detribalised Nigerian with a circle of friends cutting across the various Nigerian tribes. But beyond all these, he is also someone that believes water can be fetched from a dry well.

The progressive politician, who also has the traditional title of Atona Awe of Akure Kingdom, holds loyalty in high esteem. He is also one person who believes so much in the will of Almighty God, party supremacy and consensus opinion.

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His past experience and leadership quality have earned him followers in far-flung corners of the country. Little wonder there are calls in some corners on the current administration to consider Suleiman for a position, even as they describe the deep thinker as a round peg in a round hole.

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