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Bobrisky disregard cleric’s order, set to organize lavish gala for father’s burial



Famous Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky has disobeyed his religious leader’s orders by organizing a lavish gala to honor his father’s death.

Gistreel announced the untimely death of Kunle Okuneye, Bobrisky’s father, a few weeks ago. In the early hours of August 14, the crossdresser’s father passed away.

Bobrisky disregard cleric's order, set to organize lavish gala for father's burial

Bobrisky disregard cleric's order, set to organize lavish gala for father's burial

Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky. Source: Google

Debola Okuneye, Bobrisky’s brother, shared more information regarding their father’s passing and funeral. The deceased’s close friend and coworker, known as “Lastborn,” also provided additional insight into the circumstances leading up to the death and funeral.

In Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State, the late father’s hometown, the burial took place at 4 p.m. after Islamic customs.

A video of a religious leader (Alfa) warning Bobrisky against holding a memorial celebration for his father during the funeral ritual went viral.

The warning and instructions, it may seem, are being disregarded by Bobrisky. He posted a video of himself choosing a head tie (gele) for the occasion on his Instagram page.

In order to show his dedication to his father’s memory, Bobrisky declared his plan to make the burial a lavish event and pledged to decorate Ijebu in blue and black.

“I went to Lagos Island to pick headtie (gele) for my dad’s 41-day and final burial on September 30th. All my friends hope you are all ready to paint Ijebu Igbo blue and black”

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