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Boxer Chris Eubank Jr puts himself on a sex ban to avoid ‘distractions’ for the ‘biggest fight’ of his life



Boxer Chris Eubank Jr puts himself on a sex ban to avoid

British boxer, Chris Eubank Jr has placed himself on a self-imposed sex ban ahead of his rematch with Liam Smith on Saturday, September 2.

Eubank Jr was stopped for the first time in his career earlier this year – having been knocked to the canvas twice before the fight was waved off.

Boxer Chris Eubank Jr puts himself on a sex ban to avoid

The pair will now go toe-to-toe for a second time at the Manchester Arena next month with Eubank looking to prove his worth in the ‘most important fight’ of his life.

Speaking on The Overlap, in partnership with Sky Bet, Eubank Jr said: ‘I’m a couple of weeks away from the biggest fight of my career, so that really is all that’s on my mind, getting in that ring and avenging the loss.

‘There’s a lot of other things that are going on in my life, but during a fight camp especially this close [to the rematch against Liam Smith] you’ve got to block it out, you’ve got to try anyways. Any distractions, anything that gets in the way of focus is detrimental and you get better and better at that over time.’

Eubank Jr went on to add: ‘Right now, I’m just in fight mode, during camp so that I can give it my all and be 100 per cent on the night. You can’t be 100 per cent on the night of the fight if you’re going out with your mates, if you’re drinking, if you’re having sex, if you’re travelling, if you’re trying to run a business.

‘You’ve got to be all in if you want to be able to give yourself the best chance at performing how you want to perform on the night.’

Eubank Jr continued: ‘I am not going to put that [retirement talk] into the universe, it’s unhealthy to talk like that. That’s how I’ve got to treat this in terms of my mental state going into this fight, I have to give this fight everything I’ve got. I can’t afford any mistakes, I can’t afford any slip ups, this is the most important fight of my life.’

Eubank Jr and Smith have already exchanged verbal blows in the build-up to the rematch. However, the 33-year-old claims tensions will begin to ramp up in the next few days.

He said: ‘It was spicy, it happens. Sometimes emotions get the better of you and you say things you shouldn’t say but that’s part of the sport, that’s why a lot of people tune in.

‘It been tame in the build-up to this fight, partly because I’ve been in another country. It’s very likely, [it will ramp up in the next few days] tensions get high when it’s close to fight time, that’s just how it is.

‘At the same time, you’ve got to be responsible with the things you’re saying, and a lot of people are not in this day and age. They will say or do anything to get attention to try and sell the fight, I’ve never been that type of guy.’

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