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Breaking Barriers in International Payments in Africa: Opticash Adopts Blockchain for Direct Money Transfers



Individuals, remote workers, and large business organizations often struggle with cross-border payment complexities due to varying currencies, government policies, and fragmented systems.

To tackle this issue, they resort to building in-house payment solutions or partnering with traditional payment systems, which is both time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Enter Opticash, a revolutionary web3 payment & remittance product that aims to transform cross-border payments utilizing the blockchain infrastructure.

Founded by a team of experts with a passion for financial empowerment and making payment easy for everyone. Opticash provides an all-in-one solution that removes the hassle for individuals and businesses when it comes to sending money and receiving money directly into a local bank account.

Opticash’s mission is all about helping Individuals, businesses, freelancers,  and remote workers across various regions. They believe that everyone should have access to seamless cross-border transactions without the burden of setting up complex payment systems.

Opticash stands out with its ability to provide access to over 30 multiple currencies for a start including digital ones like cryptocurrencies.

They even have their own Opticash token for facilitating faster payments, a user-friendly interface, in-built blockchain integrations for multiple wallet systems, & connecting users to a network of fast and secure processes of carrying out a transaction in seconds.

Najeeb Abubakar, the COO of Opticash, has big plans for the platform. “We want to make transactions simple and give people access to many different currencies.

“This is especially important for Individuals, businesses and freelancers in Africa who want to expand to other places,” says Najeeb. “Using blockchain, we’re creating different currency wallets for everyone, a fast and secure way to send money directly to local bank accounts.”

He also mentioned that “Opticash allows an existing user to send money to someone who doesn’t have an Opticash account for free simply by using the receiver’s email address then the receiver gets a notification of new pending payment in their email and is therefore required to create a new wallet on Opticash to claim and withdraw funds sent to them in minutes.”

The journey to creating Opticash began when the founders saw how hard it was for people in Africa to receive money and send money to other countries.

They wanted to find a solution that would make money accessible to everyone. Their goal is to make financial services available to more people and to use technology like blockchain to achieve that.

Opticash is also working closely with its customers and partners to make their system even better.

By bringing together different ways of handling payments, they’re creating an experience that’s fast, easy and smooth. They believe that working together and listening to feedback is the best way to create something that works for everyone, which is the driving force behind Opticash’s unique approach for solution.

As Opticash starts in Africa, they’re excited about the changes they can bring. With more people working remotely and businesses going global, there’s a need for better ways to handle money across borders.

Opticash isn’t just a company—it’s a movement to connect people and help businesses grow all over the world by making money easily accessible.

Imagine sending money from the USA to Nigeria, or Nigeria to Canada,  whether in fiat or any digital currency, and the receiver gets it directly in their regional currency seamlessly deposited into their bank account or Opticash wallet. That’s the groundbreaking future Opticash is building! Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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