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Faded number plates: Rights group disagrees with FRSC, Lagos govt




By Cosmas Omegoh

A rights group, Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) has expressed concern over plans by the FRSC and the Lagos State government (LASG) to begin clamping down on motorists with faded or defective number plates, urging the National Assembly to urgently step into the matter. .


The National Chairman of CRJ, Mr John Adesanya, said it was unfair for the FRSC and LASG to issue poor quality number plates which faded with time and yet turn around to blame the motorists.

Recently, FRSC spokesman, Mr Bisi Kazeem, maintained that that the use of faded number plates could impact national security.

He blamed motorist for using concentrated detergents in washing vehicles, hence number plates faded easily.

FRSC Lagos Corps Commander, Mr Babatunde Farinloye, also among other

things, stated that number plates faded easily because motorists used concentrated chemicals in washing their vehicles.

LASG through the Permanent Secretary,  Ministry of Transportation, Hafiz Toriola, reportedly directed law enforcement agencies to begin to arrests motorists with defective vehicle registration number plates, including fading ones.

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Adesanya described the development as “disturbing and provocative to many vehicle owners,” calling the idea “tyrannical policy of government agencies.”


He contended that “the defective number plates were produced by the FRSC. Motorists were compelled at that time to hurriedly change their number plates to the new ones on the basis of their needful security codes.

“Now blaming the poorly-produced, faded plates on the soap used by vehicle owners to wash their vehicles is not only ridiculous but also mischievous.

“Quality car paints do not fade due to washing with the same soap.”

He regretted that “governments

and some of their agencies, such as FRSC, are now more aggressive in revenue generation than providing quality services to the citizens.”

He urged “the National Assembly to stop this extortion with impunity by the FRSC.

“When their poorly-produced number plates already in circulation are fading, they should change them at a very low, subsidised cost.”
He further urged that “vehicle number plates should be made to last without expiry dates like driver’s license, adding that “there should be no need for a change except in the case of damage due to accident.”


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