AI for Science is a new stream in AIMS South Africa’s master’s degree in Mathematical Science, made possible through a partnership with DeepMind.  

The AI for Science course is a combination of AI and science courses and is a one-year taught master’s programme that is entirely residential and includes research.  

The AI for Science includes courses in cosmology, epidemiology, and ecology which have the potential to improve lives throughout Africa. These fields of study generate new knowledge, inform public health responses, and supports conservation efforts.  

Here are the courses in more detail and how they can impact African societies: 

  • Cosmology: Astronomers can use artificial intelligence to analyze large amounts of data from telescopes and simulations to better understand the universe. This can lead to discoveries and insights into the universe’s origins and evolution.  
  • Epidemiology: By analyzing data on factors such as human mobility and environmental conditions, machine learning can help track and predict the spread of diseases such as Ebola and COVID-19. This can help public health officials respond to outbreaks more quickly and effectively. 
  • Ecology: Ecology can help monitor and protect biodiversity by analyzing data from satellites, drones, and other sensors to provide insights into the health of ecosystems. The study also identifies threatened species and habitats, informs conservation efforts, and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change. 

Programme details: The program is for students from all over Africa who are enthusiastic about mathematics, AI, and machine learning.  

  • Full scholarships, equipment and computation costs will also be provided  
  • Scholars will also have the chance to network with the company’s scientists and engineers for guidance and support.  

Eligibility requirements: You must have earned a four-year undergraduate degree or a three-year undergraduate degree with an honours year by August 2023, and; 

  • Be a resident in Africa at the time of application and a citizen of any African nation 
  • You may apply if you have an undergraduate degree in any subject with a significant computational and mathematical component, including physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, and more. 

How to apply: The application period for the September 2023 cohort is now open to students from all over Africa. Apply here before the deadline: April 8, 2023.