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How to earn as a professional trade



Trading on the financial market has changed over the last few years. Huge changes were applied and so many people involved themselves in the business.

Nowadays, everyone could be a successful trader even from home, and gain access to institutional capital by using proprietary firms.

MyFundTraders is one of them. We allow normal people with a clear vision of the market to get access and use our money to benefit both sides. We fund your trade.

MyFundTraders is a worldwide brand to fund professional traders and gives them access to life-changing capital. We have created three different programs to fulfil everyone’s needs.

Our services are only for experienced traders, we do not encourage beginners to try with us, however, every person above 18 years old can use the challenge.

Our first program is the Mini Account. The program is divided into two phases, the first one has a target of 10% profit, and the second one 5% profit.

Phase 1 has a one-month duration while phase 2 has two months.

When you pass it, you’ll receive a live account and a refund of your tax. The profit split of the live account will be 60% for you and 40% for the company.

The Mini Account program is probably the best one for beginners if they want to try it.

The second program is Standard Account which is designed for experienced traders. It’s only one phase and the target is 20% for a time of one month.

If you haven’t violated the rules, we allow you to reset (restart) the account up to 5 times. If you manage to pass the objectives, our company will refund you the tax and give you a live account with a profit split of 70% for you.

The final third program is Direct Accelerator. The Direct Accelerator is created for people who don’t want to lose time or bother with challenges and phases.

Everyone who purchases an account from the Direct Accelerator program will receive a live account without passing anything with a profit split of 50%.

The reset (restart) rule is the same as the standard account.

Join us today and become a funded trader!