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“It won’t bite you” – Man runs, climbs iron bars to escape dogs attack [Video]



A video online shows the moment a man climbs iron bars while trying to escape being bitten by dog.

In the video circulating on social media, the man visited a house where they owned a dog and it tried to descend on him, but he was quick to climb up the bars.

Man dog

Man dog

Man trying to escape from dog.

While one of the dog was in the cage barking at the man, another was jumping and trying to get a bite.

@KUWAIT BTC said: “He can never get tired of holding that.”

@basit commented: “Legends says he is still hanging.”

@Candyy said: “This Boerboel no won really bite this guy cause my own dey jump fence.”

@Daviz Anita02 commented: “Omo the strength no go finish.”

@Eden said: “Later dog owner go say come e nor go bit you.”

@presichongo said: “He was told they don’t bite.”

@laddipo87 said: “Wetin you find reach there? You go explain tire.”

Watch video below …


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