LocalRamp.co provides APIs and widgets that enable businesses operating across Africa to easily provide crypto on-ramp, off-ramp, and swap services to their customers. With LocalRamp’s instant p2p API, businesses and crypto projects can now enable their African users to buy and sell crypto with local payment methods, such as bank transfers and mobile money, in under 5 minutes. All of this can be done without leaving the website or app. LocalRamp focuses on local payment methods because they are usually cheaper than card payments and have a wider coverage.

Africa is one of the fastest-growing crypto markets in the world, with crypto transactions peaking at $20 billion per month in mid-2021, according to Chainalysis. With LocalRamp, businesses and crypto projects can access some of Africa’s largest crypto markets with a single integration. No matter how large or small your crypto project is, LocalRamp can enable you to scale to users across Africa easily.

Decentralized Finance or Defi, as it is commonly called, is believed to be the future of finance. A new financial system that is open to everyone. LocalRamp was built with DeFi in mind, with the aim of providing a seamless onboarding process for Africans into DeFi projects. With its current support for over 120 coins and 70+ networks, Africans can easily be onboarded into almost any DeFi project. So, no matter what crypto project you are building, on whatever chain, LocalRamp has you covered.

To get started with LocalRamp, simply visit www.localramp.co and sign up, or send an email to business@localramp.co.