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“Mohbad appeared to me in my dream, and he was crying” – Nigerian man speaks about late singer (Video)



A Nigerian man has come out in the open to claim he had a dream about late Nigerian singer, Mohbad days after his death.

In the video, the man who didn’t reveal his name was heard speaking about why he had to speak out and why he was making such video about the late singer.

Mohbad Man Dream Crying

Mohbad Man Dream Crying

Late singer, Mohbad. Photo Source: Google.

His word: “Good day everyone, I trust we all are doing very good. Normally, I wouldn’t want to do this because I try to avoid anything that’ll make me look like I’m trying to chase clout but the circumstances sorrounding this video I’m making is the reason why I have to make it.”

So last night, I had a dream and in that dream, Mohbad the musician who just died appeared to me.”

The setting. was like I was in a church I was born, St. Peter’s in warri delta state.”

“It was as of I was in that church and there’s a place I used to play with my friend in the car park and so Mohbad came and stood there.”

It was just me and him, I was the the only person around and then, this young man was crying.”

The said man made many other sensitive statements in the video which has been attached below.


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