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Netizens fume as preacher crosses lady at market to repent for wearing bum shorts, fixing nails (Video)



An seemingly ordinary visit to a bustling market in Lagos turned into a thought-provoking encounter when a young lady, identified as Anita Chukwu found herself at the center of a heated debate with a female preacher over her choice of clothing.

Anita Chukwu’s day took an unexpected turn when she decided to wear a pair of bum shorts while shopping at a local market.

Her outfit choice raised eyebrows, especially when she crossed paths with a zealous female preacher who took issue with her attire.

The preacher, who remains unidentified, was reportedly Infuriated by Anita’s manner of dressing and wasted no time in voicing her disapproval.

In a surprising turn of events, the preacher pulled out her Bible and began passionately delivering a sermon on modesty and appropriate attire, referencing several biblical passages to support her stance.

Despite the growing crowd’s curiosity and the fervent preacher’s fervor, Anita Chukwu maintained her composure throughout the ordeal and filmed the entire exchange.

The encounter escalated as the preacher not only critiqued Anita’s bum shorts but also condemned her artificial nails.

The incident quickly went viral on social media platforms.

Netizens Reactions…

@rukayatajibade said; “They can never mind their business.”

@Sheike’s place said; “She even came to stand in your front is the courage for me.”

@BIG JOE said; “Person wey you suppose wipe cord.”

@She replied; “Na because my mother stand beside me there so I had to be respectful if not I for change am for her.”

@Olatoyosi Quadri said; “I like how you were recording her. People are unserious.”

@benitashaclyn said; “Omo, I for hold this woman, hug her, tell her will you visit me in my hotel room for 100,000 make she shout tire.”

@Imisi Baby said; “Mine own experience was dugbe market in Ibadan, I was wearing a bikers short omo I cry reach house Ibadan people insult is not for the weak”

@Secret01 said; “If you give am money now she go pray for you.”

@Precious said; “These people be doing too much lately… make I jam one first! E no go funny.”

See below;


I’m tired of this country 😭🇳🇬 Why did this woman decide to make me her problem ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #portharcourt #fyp

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