• New Zealand has a high number of seasonal jobs available, particularly in tourism and agriculture.
  • Job seekers on temporary visas can find short-term or seasonal work in babysitting, teaching private lessons, and other non-full-time jobs without needing to obtain a work visa.
  • Job seekers should start their search early and use online job listing sites like Seek NZ and Jora NZ.

New Zealand has the most seasonal jobs available in the world, according to reports.  

For most job seekers who have travelled to New Zealand for studies, it may be easier to get a short-term or seasonal job as this can enable you bridge the gap in being unemployed whilst allowing you to earn a salary that can meet your basic needs. 

 As the world becomes more and more interconnected, a growing number of people are seeking not just full time jobs but seasonal jobs outside of their home co 

If you are on a temporary visa and only planning on working very temporarily, you could get a job in babysitting, teaching private lessons, or something else that is not full-time then you probably do not need to worry about obtaining an actual visa.  

Most job seekers who have traveled to New Zealand for studies or to relocate may find it easier to find a short-term or seasonal job, which will allow you to bridge the gap between being unemployed and earning a salary that will meet your basic needs.  

Those on student visas who intend to work for a short period of time, can get a job babysitting, teaching private lessons, or doing something else that is not full-time. 

That being said, here is what you need to know about the popular seasonal jobs in New Zealand, the average minimum wage, cost of living and where to find these seasonal or short-term jobs. 

What are popular the seasonal jobs? 

New Zealand has a thriving tourism industry, as it is an English speaking country. There are also many jobs in adventure sports companies, jobs for tour operators, and other short-term and seasonal employment opportunities mainly within hospitality and tourism. 

Seasonal agricultural projects such as farm labor, outdoor work, and harvesting are also readily available as they are largely dependent on crop growing seasons. Also, summer teaching English jobs and seasonal childcare jobs, such as summer au pair, are also available. 

These industries frequently seek extra hands during peak and travel seasons, which is why they are usually short-term.  

Minimum wage and cost of living in New Zealand 

New Zealand is a remote island country with high living expenses, so budgeting wisely is essential if you want to accumulate savings while working there.  

Most employment options outside agriculture can be found in or close to Auckland, Wellington, or smaller tourist destinations like Queenstown and they are the areas with the highest cost of living. 

New Zealand’s immigration site calculates the cost of living based on the city you choose to reside in. 

The average pay could be around $16.96 to 21.20 per hour. Employment New Zealand provides more information  

How to get a work visa in New Zealand 

Working holiday schemes are available in New Zealand for residents from various countries around the world. The working holiday visa allows you to work and travel in New Zealand for up to 12 months, or 23 months total (for citizens of the UK or Canada).   

Unfortunately, Nigerian nationals do not have that privilege; however, those who are already in the country and studying can benefit from the working holiday scheme.  

To learn more about acquiring a visa to work in New Zealand, visit the New Zealand Immigration web portal.  

How to find work in New Zealand 

To find a job in New Zealand, you need to start your search early and sometimes understand the jobs available during some seasons. 

For instance, if you want to work during the ski season, check out NZSki. Agriculture work is often listed on Seasonal Jobs New Zealand, 

Seek NZ, Jora NZ and many others.