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Niger Delta groups knock calls for NNPCL boss removal




…says leadership brought transformation

From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The Coalition of Niger Delta Youth Groups, has in strong term condemned the call by some groups for the prob and sack of the
leader of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) Mele Kyari.

The group in a statement jointly signed by Comrade Israel Uwejeyan the National Coordinator Niger Delta Youth Congress NDYC ,Prince Brozie Utomodo,National President Isoko Youth Forum,Barr. Preye Oporomo, Convener, South-south Youth Vanguard and Mr. Valentine Ugboli,National Coordinator
Niger Delta Youth Movement for Youth Empowerment expressed its unwavering support and confidence in Kyari’ s leadership.

They explained that their endorsement is founded on the remarkable strides achieved through the pipeline surveillance contract, which has proven to be a game-changer for Nigeria.

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They further appealed to the NNPCL leadership to include the Isoko Ethic Nationality in the Pipeline Surveillance contract , adding that those against Surveillance contact are employ of oil thieves who are against the development of the country.

“The pipeline surveillance contract has yielded manifold benefits, foremost among them being its significant impact on our oil production capacity. By ensuring the security and integrity of our pipelines, this initiative has bolstered our oil production, contributing positively to the national economy.

Furthermore, the contract has been instrumental in curbing the menace of oil bunkering, a blight that has plagued our region for far too long. The reduction in oil bunkering not only safeguards our precious resources but also has a far-reaching positive effect on the environment, mitigating the devastating ecological consequences of oil spills.

Perhaps most importantly, the pipeline surveillance contract has become a wellspring of employment opportunities for the youth of the Niger Delta region. It has created both direct and indirect jobs, offering our young people a chance at meaningful livelihoods, thereby reducing the allure of illicit activities driven by unemployment.

It has come to our attention that there are individuals engaged in orchestrated protests against the leadership of the NNPC and the pipeline surveillance contract. We wish to emphatically state that these dissenting voices are in the employ of oil thieves and bunkerers who seek to disrupt the progress we have made, It is essential to recognize that dissenting voices, often driven by vested interests, should not deter us from the path of progress. The Coalition of Niger Delta Youth Groups remains committed to working hand in hand with the NNPCl and all stakeholders to build a brighter future for the Niger Delta region and Nigeria as a whole. Our unified efforts will continue to ensure that the benefits of the pipeline surveillance contract are maximized for the well-being of all Nigerians.

“We want to also appeal to the Leadership of the NNPCL to carry the Isoko Ethic Nationality along in the Pipeline Surveillance contract as the Isoko people are major oil producers, and their commitment to maintaining peace and safeguarding oil facilities is evident through years of responsible coexistence with the industry. Their track record in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of oil and the safety of critical infrastructure is commendable. We believe it is both fair and just to recognize the Isoko ethnic nationalities by involving them in pipeline surveillance contracts. Doing so would not only reward their years of dedication but also strengthen the bond between the oil industry and the local communities, they added.

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