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Nigerian big boy who just became a father sprays money on his newborn baby (Video)



An unidentified Nigerian man has sparked online reactions after a video showed him spraying money on his newborn baby.

In the video, the baby was carefully placed on the bed, and a man believed to be the father, wearing a sleeveless top, proceeded to spray money on the baby’s body.

Newborn baby

Newborn baby

Newborn baby

The young man in the video sprayed numerous ₦1,000 notes on the baby’s body, a gesture that many people have criticized.

Many individuals who found the father’s actions unusual have taken to the comments section of the post to express their views.

See some reactions below:

ladyque_1: “What sort of gutter behavior is this??? Y’all should stop this unhealthy act please.”

alahaja_armani: “Pablo! Pablo?! The baby’s immunity is not strong for this yet naw, money wey don pass sweat, nyash, trash! just name it! different routes. God Abeg oh!”

moponz: “God will bless your new born baby and he will be the richest man in his time … say a prayer.”

adepablo_thesurvivour: “This is far way too much! Very wrong! This isn’t good for the health of the child’ if you are local you must not be stupid! Stupidity is a choice.”

ego__oyibo__: “This is unhealthy please, where are the Nurses, this act should stop please!”

nwachukwunkechi8: “This is not right at all, why put the moneys on an infant that can easily contract diseases from this course, money that thousands of people have handled.”

sandypreneur: “See how dirty the money looks! What kind of thing is this? Be like make I wipe am cord for neck!” 


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