Article Summary

  • The Nigerian Government has evacuated a total of 2,246 Nigerians from the conflict in Sudan so far.
  • The evacuations were carried out by the Nigerian Air Force and private airlines, including Tarco Airline, Air Peace, Max Air, and Azman Air.
  • The government had allocated $1.2 million for the evacuation exercise, which involved multiple flights and buses to transport students to Egypt.

The Nigerian Government revealed that it has evacuated a total number of 2,246 Nigerians so far from the conflict in Sudan.

This was disclosed in a statement on Friday by the Head of the Media, Public Relations, and Protocols Unit of NiDCOM, Mr. Abdur-Rahman Balogun, stated in Abuja.


According to the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), 123 Nigerians boarded Tarco Airline on Wednesday from Port Sudan, while 136 boarded the same airline on Thursday, the statement read:

  • “On May 3, 94 evacuees, comprising 78 males and 16 females, boarded NAF C130 plane, while 274 boarded Air Peace plane from Aswan Airport, Egypt.
  • “May 5, 130 Nigerians also boarded Tarco Airline, while on May 6, 131 evacuees boarded the same airline from Port Sudan, with 102 boarding the same airline from Port Sudan on Sunday.
  • “410 Nigerians boarded Max Air and 322 Azman Air, both flights from Aswan Airport on Sunday.

He added that two flights from Tarco Airline evacuated 133 passengers, with seven children and nine infants, and 126 passengers, also with 12 children and 41 infants, from Port Sudan on Monday and Tuesday, respectively, citing that 123 Nigerians boarded Tarco Airline on Wednesday from Port Sudan, while 136 boarded the same airline on Thursday.


The agency stated that National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) was expected to give the details of the 264 passengers aboard Tarco Airline as well as the 128 and 136 evacuees in separate flights.


Recall Nairametrics reported earlier that $1.2 million dollars is what FG is being charged for all 40 buses to evacuate students by road to Egypt.

FG acknowledges that, because of the risks involved and so many other things, a lot of people are going to also take advantage. The French convoy was attacked, and it was difficult procuring these buses, according to FG.