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Oworo demolition: LG boss pleads innocence as residents indict monarch



By Lukman Olabiyi

Residents of Oworonshoki in Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State have pointed accusing fingers at the traditional ruler of the town, for being the brain behind the alleged illegal demolition of properties, harassment, and arrest of innocent citizens.

The residents had earlier petitioned the state government and also staged a peaceful protest at the State House of Assembly, over the ongoing demolition of properties in their community. They said the demolition, which they believed was illegal but allegedly had the backing of the traditional ruler of the area, had already claimed the lives of two people.

Again, in a viral video on social media, the residents of the area, under the aegis of Mosafejo Idi Araba Precious Seed People’s Front, were seen protesting at the local government secretariat and being addressed by the council boss, Moyosore Ogunlewe.

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The protesters expressed their grievances over what they tagged illegal demolition, intimidation, harassment, arrest of their people and the police, all in the attempt to take over their properties. The protesters accused the traditional ruler of the area, Oloworo of Oworoshoki, for being the brain behind the illegal activities in the area.  The council boss, Ogunlewe, however, vehemently denied any involvement in the demolitions and clarified his role in the unfolding situation. He revealed that Pastor Allen, the joint Community Development Association (CDA) chairman of Oworonshoki, had approached him with grievances about the demolitions, disclosed that he was the one who advised the Oworonshoki joint CDA to draft a letter to the House of Assembly to bring the matter to their attention.

In his effort to address the issue, he said he personally wrote a petition to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the House of Assembly, to express his concerns about the demolitions. He said he also reached out to the deputy governor for further inquiry into the matter when Pastor Allen contacted him.

On his findings when asked by the protesters, Ogunlewe did not disclose specific details, but maintained his innocence and stated that his actions were aimed at supporting the affected communities. He stated that his involvement on the issue had sparked the House of Assembly’s interest in the demolitions.

To substantiate his claims, Chairman Ogunlewe presented a letter he had sent to the governor of Lagos State on August 3, 2023, highlighting the ongoing demolitions in Oworonshoki. The letter emphasised the plight of the affected residents who were now displaced due to the demolitions, and called for urgent government intervention.

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