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Performance of Pension Funds for 30 April 2023



Note: The figures used to present the performances are unaudited. A detailed report using 2021 audited accounts and is available to download here.

Pension funds’ performance charts YTD (30-04-2023):

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Fund I (Aggressive fund)

Fund II (Default fund)

Fund III (Pre-retirement)

Fund IV (Retiree)

Fund V (Micro Pensions)

Fund VI – Non-Interest (Active)

Fund VI – Non-Interest (Retiree)

April 2023 Performance Table

YTD 2023 Performance Table

Other industry statistics:

Total Assets under management

Pension Fund RSA Holders 28-02-2023

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Download the Money Counsellors Annual Report on Pensions (MCARP 2022) for a full analysis of all Pension Fund Administrators (PFA) in one single document.

The report presents a holistic review of the last five years of activities of all PFAs, and the funds managed, including 5-year summary company and fund accounts, ratios, fund performances, fund performance rankings vs. peers, asset allocation, AUM ranking, RSA ranking and much more.

The Report is a must read for all 9.9m RSA holders and those thinking of signing up to a PFA or switching a PFA.

Our data and information provided is based on public data, our regulatory intelligence effort from our archives, and other public sources such as from Fund Managers, FMAN, Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs), PenOp, etc.

We have taken care to ensure that the information is correct, but MoneyCounsellors neither warrants, represents, nor guarantees the information’s contents, nor does it accept responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or inconsistencies contained herein.

Because past performance does not predict future performance, it should not be used to make an investment decision. We make no product recommendations.

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