Article summary

  • Celebrity endorsements play a significant role in brand-building exercises, including the real estate market, as they add glamour and serve as effective marketing tools.
  • Periwinkle Empire, a real estate company, has unveiled Ebuka Obi-Uchendu as its brand ambassador to drive its brand awareness campaign and capitalize on his class and integrity.
  • The company aims to be a one-stop solution in the global real estate business, offering various property options with flexible payment plans and top-notch amenities, positioning itself as “The Billionaires’ Destination” in Lagos.

Celebrity endorsements are a big draw not only in the real estate market but for any brand-building exercise wherein the company is wanting to strengthen its market position. Celebrities add an element of glamour and act as potent marketing tools for brands.

Such celebrity tie-ups are usually seen with developers having a national presence, wanting to capitalize on the consumers’ attachment to or interest in particular celebrities. Celebrity endorsements also help to create goodwill for the brand by being associated with a trustworthy and popular figure.

As part of efforts to intensify our brand awareness campaign, which aims at encouraging Nigerians, especially young, wealthy people, to plan towards owning their homes. Periwinkle Empire has unveiled its brand ambassador to drive the campaign to its desired destination.

Speaking at the unveiling, Chairman, of Periwinkle Empire, Dr. Chiedu Nweke said one of the reasons why the company decided to work with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is because he is known for class and integrity.

Periwinkle Empire unveils Ebuka Obi-Uchendu as its Brand Ambassador

He said: “One of our core values as a company is integrity and we believe that Ebuka coming on board now is going to have a great impact on our business.

The chairman also spoke extensively about how his personal relationship with Ebuka has been deeply effortless and a no-brainer in terms of endorsing him as the corporate face of the company.

Shedding more light, Dr. Chiedu stated that the company’s vision is to be a one-stop solution in the global real estate business. He also disclosed that parts of the benefits of investing with Periwinkle include an easy payment option, transport processes for paperwork, quick appreciation of property value, deed of assignment, prompt allocation of property, provision for easy inspection of the property, constant and credible information, fantastic layout, easy access to major highways as well as beautiful landscaping.

“Aside from these benefits, our key features include a serene environment, potable drinking water, proper drainage, central and dedicated electricity, a playground, an excellent road network, and provision of gym facilities.

Currently, we are offering a variety of property options to individuals and corporate organizations with flexible payment plans to enable everyone to become house owners and investors,” he submitted.

Ebuka had this to say. “My collaboration with Periwinkle Empire will create enormous brand awareness and make a paradigm shift in the real estate sector for the company. Anybody who does business with Periwinkle can rest assured that everything is by the book.

He further stated that he and his team had done their background work on Periwinkle’s business dealings and could not find any blemish on their corporate image, which solidified his conviction to work with the organization.

Finally, Tunde Olatunji, MD of Periwinkle Condos, stated that Periwinkle is now being tagged “The Billionaires’ Destination” in Lagos for top-notch, first-class amenities for homes and condos.

He continued, “Our products suit the taste, lifestyle, expectations, and investment portfolios of our target customers. Bringing on Ebuka as an ambassador further signals the company’s intentions in driving home its corporate vision statement.