• Peter Obi said his opponents are behind planned protests to boycott INEC, not his supporters who are known as the “Obedients”
  • Obi emphasizes that he will reclaim his mandate through due process and the courts.
  • He described the February 25, 2023, presidential election as the worst in Nigeria’s history and a setback to the democratic process.

Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has warned that the obedient political movement is not behind the planned “#ENDINEC” and “#ENDNigeria” Protests, arguing that the opposition orchestrated it. 

Peter Obi disclosed this in a statement issued on Friday afternoon via Twitter in reaction to reports of the planned protests. 

He stressed that he will reclaim his mandate and do so robustly through the Courts and due process. 

Opposition orchestration: Obi stated that his attention has been drawn to social media postings suggesting that a nationwide groundswell “#ENDINEC” and “#ENDNigeria” protests are being planned by the Obidients. He said:

  • “We are aware that those postings are being orchestrated by the Opposition. My position is clear: Without prejudice to constitutional dictates on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, I have publicly stated that in the matter of reclaiming our stolen mandate, we shall do so robustly, via the Courts and Due Process 
  • “Regardless of the misgivings many may have about our Judiciary, we must strive to build strong and resilient institutions, of which the Judiciary is one. As a firm believer in the separation of powers between the three arms of government.”

He added that he is conscious that every so often, the Judiciary is called upon to vindicate itself on epochal national public-interest issues.  

  • “The matter presently before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is one such litmus test case. Therefore, we are committed to pursuing Due Process in an unfettered manner. That is our primary and priority option.  

What you should know: Recall that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, described the February 25, 2023, presidential election as the worst in Nigeria’s history and a setback to the democratic process in the country. He said: 

  • ‘’For me when you compete especially in a transactional country like Nigeria, you expect all sorts. And whatever the outcome, the most important thing is to stay on course, and for me, I’m on course in this because we’ve seen probably what I consider the worse election in our recent history because of the Electoral law [Act] of 2022 which gave so much hope and the huge expenditure we put into technology, 
  • “Do you know what it means to spend over $1 billion? So, there was so much that was promised and then we went back to what it used to be. For me, that is very devastating. 
  • ‘’That a country as big as Nigeria, the giant of Africa and supposedly a nation that should be celebrated globally, 63 years after independence cannot conduct a simple election, just an election. That’s how I feel. But for me the struggle is on, we must reverse the situation.’’