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RE: Disquiet in ministry of Marine and Blue Economy

By Lanre Akeju
I read with dismay the malicious publication in the name of a story against my friend and brother, Femi Oyetola, son of the minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola.
For clarity, I have known Femi for about five years now and as someone very close to the seat of power in Osun during his father’s administration, I can say with certainty that the picture painted of Femi does not fit his person and character. As a matter of fact, the father is not one who indulges the children and that is why you hardly see them around the corridors of power the same way you see children of other political office holders hanging around their father’s office.
Since the father became a minister, I can count the instances I’ve seen Femi at the ministry. He is a reserved individual, far from the type to intimidate or threaten anyone, let alone a Director. It’s simply not in his nature. He wouldn’t have done it, as he is a well-mannered young man who is focused on his own affairs and business.
The concorted publication from beginning to the end, smacks of mischief and outright blackmail. I, therefore, urge members of the public to disregard the scandalous publication in its entirety as it failed the simple test of objectivity, fairness and balance.
Reading through the report, it shows that it is a beer parlor journalism whereby the writer sat in his /her comfort zone to spew nonsense to serve the interest of the sponsors.
How on earth can such a damning allegation be reported without convincing evidence and of course adequate attributions. There is no single attribution from the beginning to the end in that report, all you see is “sources who do not want their names mentioned”. Therefore, the report should be confined to where it belongs – dustbin.
Destroying a fellow human being can never make you grow in life. I pray God deals decisively with all those associated with that publication.The post RE: Disquiet in ministry of Marine and Blue Economy first appeared on Newsdirect.