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SAD: Herbalists, Priests Slaughtered 35-Year-Old Woman For Money Rituals

Ogun State Police Command on Thursday arrested and paraded two priests of Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Prophet Peter Oluwalolese and Prophet Jamiu Yusuf, for alleged brutal killing of one Sulaimon Adijat, 35, for money ritual purposes.
Two herbalists, Moses Abidemi and Oluwo Samuel Monday as well as Akinwunmi Ifatosin, Sheriff Agbai and Osojieahen Alioneitouria who are both from Uromi in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, were also paraded in connection with the alleged crime.
The Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, described the suspects as a gang of hardened criminals who are not only involved in ritual killings but also deal in large sale of human parts.
He disclosed that the arrest followed receipt of a reprot by the DPO of Onipanu Divisional headquarters of the Nigeria Police in Atan-Ota on a missing 35-years-old Sulaimon Adijat.
According to him, Adijat was said to have been invited out on a date by one Adebayo Olawale Azeez of Ajegunle road, Atan Ota and since then Adijat was not seen despite frantic efforts to locate her whereabout while her mobile phone had been switched off.

He explained further that “the investigation revealed that on 19th November, 2023, one Sheriff Agbai ‘m’, and Osojieahen Alioneitouria ‘m’ contacted Oluwo Samuel Monday ‘m’ a.k.a Oluwo Mandela to perform money ritual known as ‘Oshole’ that can produce Two Hundred Million naira within seven days.
“Oluwo Samuel Monday charged the duo of Sheriff Agbai ‘m’, and Osojieahen Alioneitouria ‘m’ the sum of Eight Hundred thousand naira (#800,000) and agreed to prepare the materials for the money ritual.
“Oluwo Samuel Monday ‘m’ in furtherance of his criminal intention later contacted one Peter Oluwalolese ‘m’ who was not new in the trade of human parts, to source for a lady between the age of 18yrs to 20yrs in order to deliver her mutilated body parts, specifically the head, two breast, virginal and her two wrists that will be used for money ritual.
“Peter Oluwalolese ‘m’ who is an acclaimed Prophet of a white garment church located in Ibadan, Oyo state, contacted another colleague of his, one Prophet Jamiu Yusuf ‘m’ a,k.a Eri Mose in Lagos state, who is notorious in the supply of human parts for ritual purpose.
“Prophet Jamiu Yusuf further contacted one Abidemi Moses ‘m’ a.k.a. Asela, who is a herbalist at Atan Ota, Ogun State. Abidemi Moses ‘m requested for the sum of Six Hundred thousand naira to get a lady that can be used for the money ritual.
“Oluwo Samuel Monday ‘m’ negotiated for the sum of three hundred thousand naira for the human body parts. Abidemi Moses ‘m’ is a herbalist and he serves as an apprentice to one Adebayo Olawale Azeez ‘m’, now at large, to harvest human parts for sale, a business he has enjoyed the proceeds for the past three years.
“Hence, on 9th January, 2024, Adebayo Olawale Azeez ‘m’ invited one Sulaiman Adijat ‘f’ on a date to Sunshine hotel, Atan Ota, and she was later taken to Abidemi Moses shrine at Igbo Olomi area of Atan Ota, Ogun State.
“She was killed by Abidemi Moses ‘m’ and others now at large, and her dismembered body parts were taken to Abidemi Moses’s house at Atan Ota to meet Oluwo Samuel Monday ‘m’ and Prophet Peter Oluwalolese ‘m’ who were waiting for the arrival of the body parts.
“Oluwo Samuel Monday ‘m’ collected the head, two breasts, vagina, and two wrists and other body parts of the deceased. Oluwo Samuel Monday prepared the body parts in a local pot, and lighted firewood to burn it in Abidemi Moses’s house till the next day.
“Prophet Peter Oluwalolese ‘m’ joined Oluwo Samuel Monday ‘m’ to kill the ram that was used to appease the spirit of the deceased during the process of performing the money ritual. Prophet Peter Oluwalolese and Prophet Jamiu Yusuf were also given some body parts of the deceased.
“On 10th January, 2024, Sheriff Agbai and Osojieahen Alioneitouria ‘m’ collected the money ritual from Oluwo Monday Samuel and travelled back to their location in Edo State.
“Trouble started when Osojieahen Alioneitouria ‘m’ used the money ritual element as directed by Oluwo Monday Samuel, and they both complained bitterly that the money ritual failed to yield the expected sum of Two hundred million (#200,000,000) in seven days despite having used if for three weeks.
“A search was conducted in the shrine of Abidemi Moses on the 3rd February, 2024, and ten female handbags, two 25 litres gallons containing human parts, one axe, and two cement sacks containing human bones were recovered from his shrine at Igbo Olomi, Atan Ota.
“The relative of the deceased later came to the police station and identified one of the ten bags that were recovered as the hand bag of their daughter Sulaimon Adijat.”
Alamutu said that all the suspects confessed to the alleged crime and their individual roles.
“Investigation is ongoing to arrest other fleeing suspects and the case will be charged to court as soon as investigation is completed,” he said.The post SAD: Herbalists, Priests Slaughtered 35-Year-Old Woman For Money Rituals first appeared on Newsdirect.