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“She gave me goosebumps – Talented girl wows crowd, gets sprayed with dollars as she shows off traditional Igbo dance (Video)



A young girl has captured the attention of viewers after a video of her showcasing a traditional Igbo dance at an event was uploaded to the internet.

In the video, the young girl passionately displayed her dance moves with her flexible body, prompting many in the audience to gather around her.

Young girl shows off traditional Igbo dance

Young girl shows off traditional Igbo dance

Young girl dancing

The audience then showered her with money in appreciation.

Concerned individuals who watched the video shared their opinions in the comments section.

Here are a few reactions below:

@Xhaffy: “Nah cause she gave me goosebumps.” 

@Dbdudbdududb: “Them other kids should of just sat down and just let her shine because they not bringing enough energy.”

@joy kola ojo: “Nah dollars them throw on her ohh… Ahbi my eyes dey pain me, Buh she really did well, she deserves it all.”

@user6634677739528: “Watin pain me pass na her money wey dem no help her pick.”

@Nadiel: “Her mother most be very proud of her fine girl come sabi dance.”

@beyondvibesEEL: “I think she is the only one who understood the lesson.”

@Emmy Adore: “I use to join in this kind of cultural dance, but I always get missing on our way in, I don’t know how I do, I just divert away from the line.”



She did not come to play. LOL . 🎵 @Flavour of Africa #flavour #kleopatravargas #afrobeats #igboamaka #igbotiktok #igboculture #viral (I do not have right to this music)

♬ original sound – Kleopatra

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