Nigerian billionaire Tony Elumelu received President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu at his home in Lagos, to discuss diverse ways to support and empower Nigerian youths. 

The business mogul disclosed this development after he shared pictures of the president’s visit to his home on his Instagram page. He captioned the pictures thus:

  • “Last night, I was honoured to receive the Nigerian President-elect at my home. We discussed ways in which the incoming administration must empower and support our immensely talented Nigerian youth. We have so much young potential to unleash”. 

A notable youth advocate: Tony Elumelu is a strong advocate for youth empowerment, through his foundation Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) he has empowered 10,000 African entrepreneurs over 10 years. The goals of Bola Tinubu and that of Elumelu for the Nigerian youths align. 

Tinubu’s plan for the youth: In Bola Tinubu’s campaign manifesto, “Renewed Hope”, the president-elect noted that the youths are a vast army of able, energetic, and willing people capable of putting this nation on the path to its finest destiny. Part of the manifesto said:

  • “Youth will not be exploited to do the bidding of the government. Instead, our administration will work with and for the youth, providing them with a platform where they may fulfil their greatest aspirations.  
  • We shall do this by embarking on a coherent, structured policy of social economic, and political empowerment of young people.” 

Comments on Social Media: The meeting between Tony Elumelu and Tinubu has been met with mixed reactions on social media since Elumelu posted the picture on his page. Some of the reactions are highlighted below.

  • Modupeoluwa said: “I don’t get this people. Is like they’re deliberately choosing to ignore everything that’s been happening in the country after the elections, still congratulating Tinubu over and over again.  They’re snubbing us big time.”
  • Tmonee said: “Why are you all acting surprised? He is a businessman he is made for life. Even if our naira goes down to 10k per dollar his generation will not lack. They are all protecting their businesses and acquiring more wealth. They don’t care about the masses. Know that and know peace.”
  • Thatlagosblogger said: ‘’Omggggggggg!!!!!! 2 leaders I admire so so much………. when 2 phenomenal businessmen meet, Nigeria is about to experience something.”
  • chukwu_ebuka_ said: “Nobody should drag Tony. He’s not INEC chairman or Court. He works with any government for the betterment of Nigeria.”