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“What if she swallows the ring?” – Reactions as Nigerian man proposes to girlfriend, hides ring inside barbecue fish (Video)



An unnamed Nigerian man created a buzz on social media after he proposed to his girlfriend with a ring hidden inside a barbecue fish.

In a recently uploaded video, the young man, dressed in a black top and a cap, was seen feeding a lady believed to be his girlfriend.

Man Girlfriend Ring Barbecue Fish

Man Girlfriend Ring Barbecue Fish

Man Girlfriend Ring Barbecue Fish

He took a piece of food from the plate and placed it in her mouth.

Unknown to the girlfriend, he had hidden a ring inside the barbecue fish.

After feeding her, the lady noticed something heavy in her mouth. When she brought it out, she jumped for joy upon discovering it was a ring.

The girlfriend then hugged her boyfriend, who had successfully placed the ring on her finger.

Many social media users, who were surprised by this romantic gesture, took to the comments section to share their views on this heartwarming scene.

A concerned fan even asked what might have happened if she had accidentally swallowed the ring.

Here are some reactions below:

rosythrone: “This is dangerous sha, wat if she swallows the ring.”

___martilda: “Congratulations to them. Oga don already know say d gal no be foodie like me I fit swallow d ring tell him say aha I swallow bone oo.”

fatmodels: “Edo people best way to propose. 2011 one girl swallow engagement ring for inside Mat Ice.”

onoski_pato: “This young generation and marriage na 5&6 mostly my state, delta, so una nor get plans apart from marriage?”

dj_dabila1: “Where dem for dey sell shark barbecue? Cause this catfish own too small for me to use.”

mckpolokpolo: “Understanding relationships still deh na u deh pressure ursef.”

lilspookyfx___: “Some girls ready to swallow ring if it’s coming from a guy they don’t want.” 


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