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Apply for Small Research Grants on Education Program

Apply for Small Research Grants on Education Program following the guidelines provided on this article.. 

  1. Introduction
    • Brief overview of the Spencer Foundation’s Small Research Grants on Education Program.
  2. Purpose of the Program
    • Explanation of how the program aims to support education research projects.
  3. Funding Information
    • Details regarding the budget allocation for projects under the program.
  4. Eligibility Criteria
    • Requirements for principal investigators and co-PIs applying for the grants.
  5. Ineligible Proposals
    • Clarification on what types of proposals are not eligible for the program.
  6. Application Process
    • Steps involved in applying for the Small Research Grants on Education Program.
  7. Review Process
    • Insight into how proposals are evaluated and selected for funding.
  8. Important Dates
    • Deadline and timeline for application submission.
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
    • Common queries regarding the program answered.
  10. Conclusion
    • Summarization of key points and encouragement for potential applicants.


The Spencer Foundation’s Small Research Grants on Education Program presents a valuable opportunity for researchers to contribute to the enhancement of educational practices and outcomes. By providing financial support to innovative projects, this program aims to foster rigorous and impactful research endeavors within the field of education.

Purpose of the Program:

The Small Research Grants on Education Program operates on a “field-initiated” basis, welcoming proposals that address diverse aspects of education without prescribing specific research topics or methodologies. This approach allows for flexibility and encourages scholars to explore pressing questions and emerging opportunities within the realm of education.

Funding Information:

Under this program, budgets of up to $50,000 are available to support projects ranging from one to five years in duration. This financial assistance enables researchers to undertake comprehensive studies and execute ambitious research plans aimed at generating meaningful insights and advancements in education.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Small Research Grants on Education Program, principal investigators (PIs) and co-PIs must possess either an earned doctorate in an academic discipline or relevant experience in an education research-related profession. While graduate students can participate in the research team, they cannot serve as PIs or co-PIs. Additionally, the PI must be affiliated with a non-profit or public institution willing to administer the grant if awarded.

Ineligible Proposals:

Proposals for activities other than research, such as program evaluations or curriculum development, are not eligible for consideration under this program. Furthermore, projects exceeding a duration of five years or requesting budgets exceeding $50,000 are ineligible. The Spencer Foundation strictly adheres to these guidelines to maintain the integrity and focus of the program.

Application Process:

Prospective applicants are required to submit their proposals in English, adhering to the specified guidelines outlined by the Spencer Foundation. Detailed instructions regarding the submission process, including deadlines and required documentation, are available on the foundation’s website.

Review Process:

Submitted proposals undergo a thorough evaluation process conducted by experts in the field of education research. Criteria such as methodological rigor, relevance to key educational issues, and potential impact are carefully considered during the review process. Successful proposals are selected based on their alignment with the program’s objectives and the overall merit of the research plan.

Important Dates:

The deadline for submitting proposals to the Small Research Grants on Education Program is April 30, 2024. Applicants are advised to review the timeline provided by the Spencer Foundation to ensure timely submission and compliance with all requirements.

For more information, visit Spencer Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can individuals apply for the Small Research Grants on Education Program, or are only institutions eligible?
    • The program accepts proposals from individuals affiliated with non-profit or public institutions willing to serve as the administering organization if the grant is awarded.
  2. Are international applicants eligible for funding under this program?
    • Yes, the program welcomes proposals from both U.S. and international applicants, provided that proposals are submitted in English and budgets are proposed in U.S. Dollars.
  3. Can graduate students serve as principal investigators or co-PIs on proposals?
    • While graduate students can be part of the research team, they cannot hold the role of principal investigator or co-PI.
  4. What types of projects are considered ineligible for funding?
    • Proposals for activities other than research, projects exceeding five years in duration, and budgets exceeding $50,000 are not eligible for consideration.
  5. How many active research grants can a principal investigator or co-PI hold simultaneously?
    • Principal investigators and co-PIs may hold only one active research grant from the Spencer Foundation at a time.


The Small Research Grants on Education Program offered by the Spencer Foundation presents an exceptional opportunity for scholars to pursue innovative research endeavors aimed at advancing the field of education. By providing financial support and fostering intellectual exploration, this program plays a crucial role in driving meaningful progress and addressing pressing challenges within the realm of education. Researchers are encouraged to seize this opportunity and submit their proposals to contribute to the ongoing pursuit of educational excellence and improvement.

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