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Corey Burton Net Worth

What is Corey Burton’s Net Worth?

Corey Burton is an American voice actor who has a net worth of $4 million. Corey Burton began his career at the age of 17. Since then, he has done extensive voice acting work for Disney, including at their theme parks and in their animated feature films and shows. He has voiced sound-alikes and original characters for over 50 Disney Storyteller Records and also has voiced characters in the DC Animated Universe and the “Star Wars” franchise.

Early Life

Corey Burton was born on August 3, 1955 in Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California. He was very interested in animated films and television shows as a child and particularly was a fan of Disney. Though he was initially hesitant to pursue a career in voice acting due to his shyness and the fact that he is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, he gained confidence through early jobs he landed with Disney while still a teenager. He began his career at the age of 17 under the stage name Corey Weinman when he was hired to do an imitation performance of Hans Conried for Disney. He then studied radio acting with Daws Butler, a famed voice actor, for four years and went on to have a very successful career, both in radio acting and for animated projects.


In his early career, Burton worked with nearly all the original Hollywood radio actors in classic style radio dramas. He later moved on to working with Disney. For many years, he served as a protégé to voice actor Paul Frees, who also did a substantial amount of work with Disney. After Frees’ death, Burton stepped in to take over much of the work that Frees did for Disney. For example, Frees had originally provided the voice of the Ghost Host in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction. Burton took over the part and also provides many other Frees-like voices for Disneyland. He can be heard in the Pirates of Caribbean Attraction, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Burton has also done extensive voice-over work for Disney. He provides the “Feature Presentation” voice on direct-to-videos and has voiced various characters for over 50 Disney Storyteller records. Some of his roles over the years have included Ludwig Von Drake, The White Rabbit and Mad Hatter in “House of Mouse,” Zeus in the animated series “Hercules,” Buzz Lightyear in the Disney on Ice adaptation of “Toy Story 3,” Doc Hudson in various “Cars” productions, and King Stefan in “Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams,” among others.

Burton also appeared as Shockwave, Sunstreaker, Brawn, and Spike Witwicky in the original “Transformers” animated series by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions. Later, he would voice Megatron and a number of other characters in “Transformers: Animated” by Cartoon Network. He stated in an interview that Shockwave was his favorite character to perform in the original series. However, he turned down the offer to reprise the role in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” as he felt he had voiced the character enough times.

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Burton has also worked with productions of “Star Wars.” He voiced Count Dooku, Cad Bane, and Ziro the Hutt in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” He has continued to voice Cad Bane in “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” and “The Book of Boba Fett.” Additionally, he has also voiced several characters in “Star Wars” video games.

Burton has done other work with video games, particularly the “Kingdom Hearts” series. He voiced Ansem the Wise in “Chain of Memories,” “Birth by Sleep,” and “Dream Drop Distance.” Originally, the character had been voiced by Christopher Lee, but Burton stepped in due to Lee’s health problems. For the cinematic version of “Kingdom Hearts 358/2,” he re-dubbed Lee’s lines that he had previously recorded for the Nintendo DS version. He reprised his role as Ansem for “Kingdom Hearts III.”

Additionally, Burton has down work on characters in the DC Animated Universe. He appeared as the character Brainiac in “Superman: The Animated Series,” “Justice League,” “Static Shock,” and “Justice League Unlimited.” He also has voiced the character in other non-DC Animated Universe media like “Legion of Super Heroes,” “DC Universe Online,” and “Lego DC Super-Villains.”

In his later career, Burton has voiced characters in “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers,” and “Once Upon a Studio.” Other video games he can be heard in include “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fuel,” “Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time,” and “Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!” He also voices the character of Zeus in the “God of War” series.

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