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Lindsay Lohan Made $500K For Her “Mean Girls” Musical Cameo

The musical based on the classic comedy “Mean Girls” is now in theaters, and if you’ve seen it you know that original “Mean Girls” star Lindsay Lohan has a cameo in the film. What you might not know is that according to a report in Variety, Lohan was paid quite well for what amounted to about half a day’s shooting, reportedly making a cool $500k for her brief appearance in the movie. FYI, she made $1 million to star in the original release.

Unsurprisingly, representatives for both Paramount, the studio that produces “Mean Girls,” and Lohan herself declined to comment on the article, which also details how the audience at the film’s New York premiere erupted into “thunderous applause” at Lohan’s appearance, which was not promoted in advance and took almost everyone there by surprise.

Hippolyte Petit/Getty Images

By contrast, Lohan rep Leslie Sloane did release a statement to tabloid site The Messenger regarding Lohan’s displeasure at a “fire crotch” reference in the new version: Despite her appearance in the new “Mean Girls,” “Lindsay was very hurt and disappointed by the reference in the film,” the statement read.

In addition to an impressive payday, the cameo also represents a bit of a comeback for Lohan, who has been largely retired from studio movies over the course of the last decade and change. She returned to screens in 2022 with a role in the Netflix production “Falling for Christmas,” and she’s set to return to the streaming platform in “Irish Wish” in March.

It’s also a pretty good time to be a “Mean Girls” fan, as the musical version isn’t the only “Mean Girls” nostalgia project to drop recently. The big screen musical rendition was the number one movie in the country in its opening weekend, and Lohan and several other familiar faces from the original movie got back together for a Walmart commercial riffing on many of its classic gags.

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