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Tony Hinchcliffe Net Worth

What is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Net Worth?

Tony Hinchcliffe is an American comedian and writer who has a net worth of $3 million. Tony Hinchcliffe is known for his insult comedy. In addition to writing for the “Comedy Central Roast” series, he co-hosts the comedy podcast “Kill Tony” and had a stand-up special on Netflix called “One Shot.” Following a comedy set in 2021 in which he directed racist comments at a fellow comedian, Hinchcliffe was dropped by his agency and lost various engagements.

Early Life and Education

Tony Hinchcliffe was born on June 8, 1984 in Youngstown, Ohio to a single mother. He grew up in a rough neighborhood on the city’s north side, and got into insult comedy as a defense mechanism. As a teenager, Hinchcliffe attended Ursuline High School, graduating in 2002.

Tony Hinchcliffe (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images)

Comedy Career

Hinchcliffe moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue his comedy career. There, he began performing stand-up at open mics at the Comedy Store. Hinchcliffe also worked the phones and the cover booth there, eventually becoming a venue regular. He established a reputation at the Comedy Store for insulting other comics and audience members during his shows, and for addressing sensitive topics with sardonic humor. Beyond the venue, Hinchcliffe opened for comedians Joe Rogan and Jeff Ross on tour. Ross was so impressed with Hinchcliffe that he helped him get his first writing gigs, including on the “Comedy Central Roast” television series. For the series, Hinchcliffe contributed to the roasts of Justin Bieber, James Franco, and Rob Lowe. Also on Comedy Central, he wrote for the comedy panel show “The Burn with Jeff Ross” and appeared as a contestant in the first season of “Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle.”

In 2013, Hinchcliffe began producing and co-hosting the comedy podcast “Kill Tony,” which was originally recorded at the Comedy Store. The show relocated to Antone’s Nightclub in Austin, Texas in 2020, and later to Joe Rogan’s Austin-based club the Comedy Mothership. On the podcast, Hinchcliffe, his co-host Brian Redban, and a revolving panel of comedians and various celebrities act as judges for amateur comedians. Meanwhile, in 2016, Hinchcliffe had his first one-hour stand-up special, entitled “One Shot.” Shot in a single take with no edits, it premiered on Netflix. The following year, Hinchcliffe headlined the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour across 20 cities in the United States. In 2020, he released his second comedy special, “Making Friends,” on YouTube.

Controversy and Pushback

In May of 2021, Hinchcliffe performed a stand-up set at Austin’s Vulcan Gas Company in which he directed a racist slur and other derogatory comments at Asian-American comedian Peng Dang, who had performed just before him. Additionally, he insulted audience members who had laughed at Dang’s jokes. His racist diatribe was filmed and shown on Twitter, earning Hinchcliffe major pushback. Consequently, he was dropped by his agency WME and removed from shows he was scheduled to have with Joe Rogan in Austin. Moreover, Antone’s Nightclub announced that it would cease being involved with Hinchcliffe and his “Killy Tony” podcast.

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